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Relax cheaply on the Black Sea, you can visit Ochakov, where there is a lot of sanatoriums, boarding houses, recreation centers and the private sector. Need a break inexpensive in a quiet town with a lot of greenery, lie on the sandy beach, near the warm sea and soak up the sun? You are welcome to rest on the sea for us, in Ochakov, on the Black Sea!
Ochakov is situated on the northern coast of the Black Sea, 65 km from the city of Nikolayev and 135 km from Odessa.

The combination of iodized sea air and the aroma of steppe grasses create a unique environment for recreation and health of the human body.

Therefore, inexpensive Recreation in Ochakov on the Black Sea, is for tourists from different countries of special interest.

In Soviet times, the border Ochakov was «closed» city for foreigners and acted union health resort. At the time of the summer, in the resorts of Ochakov, managed to restore the health of 300,000 people.

In recent years, much has changed. The main focus was the city’s infrastructure and tourism. In this regard, there was not enough new comfortable boarding houses, private hotels, resorts that were built on the shores of the Black Sea. Many recreation centers are rebuilt in the direction of improving the services provided to rest on the sea inexpensive.

ОчаковNumber of resorts, guest houses, lodges, resorts and hotels is about 60, with a total capacity of up to 17,000 people.
Basic information about an inexpensive holiday on the Black Sea collected in the three directories:

Catalog resorts, recreation catalog, directory of hotels and the private sector.

They are photos and descriptions of the conditions of rest, prices and reviews.
You just have to look at them and make your choice for a holiday at sea.

When you select a note, that the rest of Ochakov divided, as it were into two zones.
The first — «Witted» where the only recreation centers, boarding houses and motels with its infrastructure.
The second — «Ochakov», where in addition to recreation, the city itself is situated (market, shops, museums, monuments, telegraph)

The main difference is that in the recreation area «Witted» holiday houses are located on the same level with the sea and the beach, and houses in the recreation area «Ochakov» — on the shore, 9-10 meters high and spusk- rise from the sea to get from 40 to 60 meters. That is, after breakfast, you will go down to the beach for lunch to rise again in the afternoon by the sea and in the evening rise again. If you are not afraid, it will be more fun «Ochakov» recreation area. Well, if it will be hard for you, it is better in the recreation area «Witted.»

Rest in Ochakov is fascinating excursions with visits to museums, monuments and archaeological excavation «of ancient Olbia.» You will be able to carry out inexpensive boat trips to the island of Berezan, Kinburn Spit, Spit Tendrovsky and just across the Black Sea.

On the sandy beaches of Ochakov you can find plenty of inexpensive entertainment (water slides, motorcycles, bikes, bananas, skis, parachutes, etc. kvadrotsykly).

Ochakov also winemaking region. There are many varieties of grapes are grown. You can also try table grapes in abundance on the market, but from wine — Ochakovtsev make a good inexpensive wine. Many holiday-driven home homemade wine as a remembrance of Ochakov.

A separate topic is fishing in the Black Sea. For anglers pleasure unpretentious and inexpensive fishing on the famous «Black bull». Read more about fishing in the sea, can be found on the page «Fishing in Ochakov

Resting on recreation in Ochakov, resort visitors, at its discretion choose different dining options.

First — it’s buying a ticket, you can also purchase vouchers for free meals and inexpensive food. The cost of three meals a day in the dining rooms range from 90 to 150 hryvnia hryvnia per person. (Prices 2014)

Second — buy only accommodation and feed from the market, in addition lunches in cafes, bars and eateries offering a wide range of different inexpensive dishes, accompanied by a variety of music.
To learn more about the cost of services and prices, please click here

Yes, this is not Antalya and Egypt, photos are no beaches here. But all natural and naturally. Who is tired of the pomp and bustle of the city, you really like it here …

Having been on holiday in Ochakov you can proudly assert that rested cheap in Turkey, and it’s the truth as Ochakov — he Achi-Kale, has long been a Turkish city.
More details can be found on the page History of Ochakov.

We are confident that the information provided on this website will help you to make your choice where to relax on the Black Sea.

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